Ethanol Issues


The next time you are at a gas station, look around the gas pump and there’s a high probability you will see a sign that says, "Contains up to 10% of ethanol fuel" or "E10". These days, fuel will contain a mixture of 90% gasoline and 10% ethanol. This mixture may be fine for automobile engines, however for small engines it’s a different story. Ethanol in gasoline has negative effects on small engines such as:

  • Debris in the fuel
  • Premature breakdown of fuel
  • Ethanol corrodes engine parts
  • Ethanol attracts moisture from air which promotes water in the fuel
  • Loss of power, performance, and decrease in fuel economy

To prevent or minimize the issue of ethanol, a fuel additive is recommended. At our repair shop we recommend the use of Star Tron which will stabilize the fuel and treat the ethanol issue. One bottle of Star Tron will treat 48 gallons of gas. The cost of treating one gallon of gas is approximately 22¢. For less than a quarter per gallon, you’ll lessen your chances of having issues in the future.